June 24, 2014

Hello, anyone there?

I knew I hadn't been on in a long time, but I didn't realize how long, February!!  Funny, that post was a vacation post, and so is this one.  Since hubby retired, it seems like we have had a lot of vacations!  This last one had a Disney Theme, too.

We packed up our trailer and on May 28  headed for Florida.  It would take 4.5 days of driving, ugh, to get there.  Did I tell you yet how hot it was?  It was HOT!!  We made a couple of stops along the way, we visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Mansfield, Missouri....

The Wilder's had two homes, the original, the top picture and the "Rock House", which had more modern conveniences inside and was, of course, made of rock.

And then we made a stop at Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee.

On Monday, June 2, the rest of the family, mom's, dad's, and little ones, met up at our trailer in Fort Wilderness Campground, ready for a week of Disney!  And we had a great week!

Watched some fireworks

Ate some cupcakes
It was so hot, even Darth Vader was sweating!

 Met some famous people

Watched daddy scuba dive

Shot webs with Spiderman

Visited Harry Potter at Hogwarts

We smiled a lot.

Sadly, the time came to say goodbye and June 8, we got back in our truck and headed home.  We took 7 days to come home, there were 2 planned stops, Pensacola, Florida and Vicksburg, Mississippi.  In Pensacola there was a Naval Aircraft Museum and beach

And in Vicksburg there was a Civil War Battlefield, that we toured by bike!!  

Finally arriving back home June 15!  With all that driving we visited, Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Colorado!

There's no place like home!